Can’t stand those celebrities that are always in the news?about

Well now you can determine their fate!
Give them a thumbs down and on the Death Plane they will go, destined to crash into a mountain!
If you like the celebrity pictured, then you can give them a thumbs up and let them live on Party Island!
Remember kids, this site is strictly for wishful thinking entertainment purposes only!


Rules of the Game

If you are a person, place or thing, fictional or non-fictional, that has information on Wikipedia then you are fair game.
No politicians. Totally needless…we don’t have enough room on the Death Plane.
No cursing. No cussing. No swearing. If you absolutely MUST, please censor yourself, respectfully.
No racial remarks. Ever.
No comments about one’s sexuality.
Just have fun!

Oh yea, and if any of these comments are found, they will be immediately removed.